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Year 6

Closure Activities

*Update* As the school will now remain closed for the foreseeable future please email the year6 email with any completed work or queries- 

Children can also write on the school blog under children-blogging.

I understand it could be challenging for some children to complete some activities at home due to technology however please do what you can as it is crucial we maintain normality as much as possible. Please continue to follow the outlined timetable below:


During the closure we still must ensure that the children are maintaining the standard of their learning. Please complete as much as possible every day:


Daily reading for at least 20 minutes (Perhaps download an audio book to listen to as well)

Daily comprehension and answer all the questions attached

Daily Maths 

Daily Writing (we will plan a piece of writing before completing the final weekly piece)

Timestable Rockstars (15 minutes daily)

Spellings (KS2 word list)  

Afternoon learning- topic work, arts and crafts, outdoor activities


Please all sign up to a READTHEORY account to aid your reading comprehension. The information on how to do this is below.

Please see the 'Helpful Websites' document for additional revision opportunities


Daily P.E sessions with Joe Wicks can be found here at 9am : 

Daily Writing sessions with Jane Considine can be found here at 9:45am: 



Week Beginning 30th March

Hi Year 6! I hope you are all okay. Well done to everyone for their hard work recently! I've been so amazed by the work I have been receiving through the class email and the school blog. Keep up with that because I love seeing what you are up to. You should all receive a pack of work by the end of this week to complete at home. Keep using the helpful websites document for things you can do by yourself. Keep in touch. Miss S x



Last week, children completed some home learning from the White Rose Maths Hub website. This week the sessions focus on scale factor. We have covered ratio just before the school closure and last week so this will be good for children to have a go at. The link is:

There is an instructional video and then a worksheet that focuses on the video. 


Good Luck!

Maths This Week

This week in maths I am asking that children complete the activities on the website above. For each day, there is an introductory video and then a worksheet that accompanies the video (and answers). Children can work through this a day at a time.


I will also attach an end of week quiz/task that has different questions all focusing on the topic being taught. 


Please continue to send emails to the class address with completed work and/or questions.  

Monday Afternoon Activity- Can you design a rainbow?Draw, paints, collage, computer? However you wish to do so and put it up in your front window. I have noticed lots of children in the area doing so and I think it is a lovely way of showing unity and coming together. Remember to post pictures on the blog! 


The Puzzles and Problems book is a document full of different puzzles and problems. From time to time I will set children tasks from the booklet. I would like children to have a go at Pages 2 (square it up) and 3 (Joins). Unfortunately the answers are not at the end of the document but please send responses to the class email. Please also sign up to 'Read Theory' (information below) if you haven't already. 

Today's maths activity is code breaking using the 4 operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The following link provides videos of the different strategies used should children require assistance.

Read Theory Information

Tuesday 17th March

Monday 16th March

Here is an arithmetic paper for children to look at today. The answers are at the end of the document.

Helpful Websites

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly

'StarBooks' Coffee Reading Morning

Year 6 Weekly Cricket session

Science- Observing bacteria and microbes!


Bikeability 1 Year 6 completed Bikeability training this week!

WALT: Develop a chronological understanding of WW2

WALT: Develop a chronological understanding of WW2 1

Our Year 6 Activity Passport

Year 6 Heart Dissection- Functions and parts of the heart

Alan Davies local Historian Mining Talk as part of our Local History Week

Year 6 Science- The Circulatory System