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PSHE and Citizenship

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school office directly and the office staff will pass your enquiry on to the relevant Curriculum Leader.

This provision map details what is taught in each year group including RSE.

Progression of skills within PSHE

Personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) and Citizenship

At St Michael’s, we value our three school rules; Following instructions with thought and care, Show good manners at all times and Care for everyone and everything. Through PSHE, children explore and develop their skills of sharing, caring, tolerance and respect for others and ourselves.

At St Michael’s, we place an emphasis on active learning, using a range of teaching and learning styles including circle time, discussions, role-play, investigation and problem solving activities. Activities are planned according to the levels and needs of the children. We take into account prior learning, knowledge and skills already gained. Children are provided with opportunities to meet and speak to visitors from a range of different agencies, including leaders in Church and other world faith groups, Community Police, Fire Service, local and national/ worldwide charities and fund raising groups. In addition to this, outside agencies are invited to contribute to the delivery of PSHE, including Road Safety, Bike ability, School Nurse, Dental Health Care and Life Education Centre. Health Education is mainly delivered through the Science curriculum, beginning with the teaching of ourselves in Reception and developing to sex and relationship education (SRE) in Years 5 and 6. Sex and relationship education is delivered in the context of the school’s aims and values. All programmes are delivered in partnership with teachers, parents and the children.




We teach the children to have respect for themselves and others, valuing the differences and similarities between people. Encouraging children to take a responsible role in society, this includes developing the children’s awareness of their personal safety and the process by which they can seek help and information as well as learning the behaviour expected of them as responsible citizens. As a Church of England School, we develop a respect for God through worship, our school values and the ethos of the school community. We aim to develop awareness of social, economic, political and ecological issues.