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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Please keep a close eye on this page, where you will find important information relating to the curriculum and also be able to keep up to date with all of the exciting and interesting work we're doing in class. Take a look at our curriculum map to see what we are getting up to in Year 4 this year. 


Miss. Clugston

Year 4 Passport

Our Activity Passport shows all of the different things we are aiming to achieve before the end of Year 4! Look out for pictures being updated on our website! 
Knowledge Organisers are documents that help the children to remember all of the different learning they have completed in all topics. Check back as more will be added when we begin learning about new subjects.

Where the Wild Things Are 14.11.19


Year 4 arrived at school this morning to find their classroom had been taken over by the Wild Things from the book from 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. They followed footprints, leaves, pine cones and secret messages to uncover who had caused so much mess in the classroom. They are now hunting for the creatures around Atherton and will be creating Wanted Posters to warn the public. 

Museum of Science and Industry - 17.10.19


Year 4 had an amazing day at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. We spent the morning carrying out experiments relating to sound, the human body and forces. In the afternoon, we took part in a workshop called Circuit City which was all about the first scientist to bring electricity to Manchester. The children were so well behaved and a pleasure to take out



Year 4 have been studying electricity in science. Today we went out to look at how electrons move differently in materials that are conductors and materials that are insulators. The green and blue children were the protons and neutrons that attract together. The red children were the electrons that are attracted to protons and neutrons in insulators and can't get away. In conductors some of these electrons can escape meaning electricity can pass through them. We then investigated different materials in our classroom to find out whether they were insulators or conductors. 

Wider Opportunities 


The children have made a great start to their music lessons this term. They will be learning the xylophone until Christmas. Watch out for our Christmas performance date! 

Times Table Rockstar Day 


Year 4 rocked it for our TT Rockstars launch. We had some super outfits and hairstyles! The children will compete in battles against other classes and will make it onto the class leaderboard for super progress and effort each week. 

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