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Please meet our staff



Headteacher - Mrs. F. Quinlivan


Deputy Head - Mr. M. Rigby


Business Manager - Ms. P. Catlow


Mrs Quinlivan (Headteacher) is in charge of Safeguarding.

Safeguarding Officers in Mrs. Quinlivan's absence - Mr. M. Rigby (Deputy Head), Mrs. T. Taylor (Learning Mentor)


Miss. E. McMillan - Reception teacher, SENDCO, Humanities Leader

Mr. S Bissell - Year 1 teacher (Long term supply)

Mr. S. Eccles - Year 2 teacher, Science Leader, KS1 Leader, DT Leader, Assistant Mathematics Leader

Miss. N. Lees - Year 3 teacher, PHSE Leader

Miss. H. Clugston - Year 4 teacher, PE Leader, Art Leader

Mr. M. Rigby - Year 5 teacher, Deputy Head, Mathematics Leader, RE Leader

Miss. R. Stretch - Year 6 teacher, English Leader, ICT Leader

Mrs. F. Quinlivan - EYFS Lead


Teaching Assistants

Mrs. H. Garry – HLTA, covering PPA and Leadership Time, Music Leader

Mrs. S. Leach - NNEB, Reception class teaching assistant, KS1 (rec, years 1 and 2) cover

Mrs. S. Pomfret - Lower KS2 (year 3 and 4), teaching assistant and Interventions

Mrs. K. Wilkie - Higher KS2 (year 5 and 6) teaching assistant and class cover

Mrs. D. Roberts - Year 1 teaching assistant, KS1 Interventions, Breakfast Club Lead, First Aid

Mrs. K. Turner - One to One (year 6)

Mrs. R. Langford - Year 2 teaching assistant, KS1 Interventions, Breakfast Club Assistant, First Aid

Mrs. M. Stringfellow - One to One (reception)

Miss. A. Cunliffe - One to One (year 2)

Miss. S. Morley - One to One (year 6), Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs. S. Ashton - One to One (reception), Breakfast Club Assistant, Welfare Assistant, Reading Club

Mr. J. Jones-Stanley - One to one (year 1),  Lunchtime Assistant


Mrs. T. Taylor - Learning Mentor


Mrs. T. Aspinall - Admin Assistant

Mrs B Harvey-Sugden - Admin Assistant

Mrs A Neal - Admin Assistant


Mr. I. Gregory - Caretaker


Mrs. J. Haughney - Senior Lunchtime Assistant, Toddler Group Assistant

Miss. H. McPherson - Lunchtime Assistant

Ms. D. Reynolds - Lunchtime Assistant

Miss. K. Rhoden - Lunchtime Assistant


Miss. M. Ture - Toddler Group Lead


Metrofresh Catering Staff: Mrs. P. Bradbury, Mrs. K. Wallace and Mrs. J. Smith


ISS (cleaning) : Mrs. N. Bridges