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Breakfast Club

St Michael's CE Primary School has a Breakfast Club which is run by our teaching assistants, under the guidance of the school.  Mrs D Roberts, is Breakfast Club Lead, with the assistance of Mrs D McCall  and Mrs S Ashton, Mr J Jones-Stanley and Mrs J. Haughney are our cover breakfast club assistants. There are always the correct staff to ratio in attendance.  The club is open from 8am to the start of the school day.  Children who attend the club are given a breakfast and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere before starting the school day. 

The club costs £5.00 a day or £4.00 a day if you have more than one child attending.  We keep these costs as low as possible to make it affordable for parents.  We run the Breakfast Club to offer the service to our parents and the costs are charged just to cover the staffing.

Sessions are booked and are agreed in advance.  Sessions have to be paid for even if the child does not attend. 

Two weeks paid notice is needed to change or cancel sessions.

Please be aware that St Michael's Breakfast Club has limited places and therefore it is important you contact the school to see if the club has availability for your requirements. Depending on the number of children, who are booked into the club, there may be some flexibility for one off sessions.

If you would like any further information then please contact Mrs Harvey-Sugden, through the school office.

Did you know we are registered for Tax Free Childcare, meaning that working parents can get 20% off their childcare costs.  We are also registered with several Childcare Voucher Companies.  Please contact the school office, to ensure we are registered with your Childcare Voucher Company.


For more information around help with childcare costs click on the link below which will take you to

Some of our breakfast club children, learning CPR during one of our breakfast club sessions.