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Wigan Warriors - 3:30pm-4.30pm

This is a KS2 club for further information regarding this club please speak to Miss Clugston.


Tae Kwando - Heywood Academy

This is an independent club run by Adam Heywood and is for children and adults.  Classes take place in St Michael's CE Primary School hall.  Times are dependent on age and ability.  For further information and prices, please contact Adam direct on 07799 747799




Dance Club - Miriam Bowyer Dance Academy - 3:30pm-4:30pm

This club is open to all KS2 children, it is run on a half termly block placement and children can be booked on it just before the beginning of a new half term.  There is a small, non refundable fee for this club and places are limited.



Professional Player Academy - MultiSports Club 3:30-4:30pm

This is a Chnge4lifeclub



Tae Kwando - Heywood Academy

Please see information above



Tae Kwando - Heywood Academy. 

Please see information above


Clubs change every half term. 


Lunchtime zones for KS2 offer children a variety of opportunities to improve multi skills and working in teams.  

The school's commitment to a Daily Mile continues to take place in the afternoon for all KS1 and KS2.

Football Club 2017/18


We have made a great start to our Y5/6 football club on Fridays after school. The children have shown they already have some great skills and have been working hard on their passing and tackling. 

Thank you to Mr. Eccles for running the club alongside Mr. Rigby and Miss. Clugston. 

Wigan Athletic

Friday's KS2 after school football is well underway and the club is full. Many thanks to Coach Wood and his assistants who are doing a great job in providing a sporting finish to the end of the week.