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Please refer to this page regarding St Michael's Home Learning Offer

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6th January 2021



Dear Parents,

We just wanted to update you about the expectations for remote learning.  We have sent you our remote learning policy and our parents’ guide. We use a mixture of approaches including live meetings, morning and afternoon, recorded teaching and written work set on teams. We will also use a range of websites and links.  The children will be expected to work as they would in school but a minimum of 3 hours is required by the DfE.  We do not expect work to be printed – in fact we would encourage you NOT to do this.  Work needs to be recorded in the home learning books provided.  The books will need to be returned to school when full, and a new book will be given, all completed books will need to be returned after lockdown.   Please let children know that their teacher will see their home learning books.

It is really important to get children into a school / home learning routine.  Getting children up at the same time that they normally would, starting school with the first teams meeting, having break times and lunchtimes, time for reading and a routine going to bed, as they would usually, on a school night.  This really helps children to feel reassured and secure, which is really important for their mental health.   We already know that school is closed to the majority of children until at least half term.  We do therefore need to establish a routine and to stick to it and keep things as normal as possible for our children.

From the assessments we have completed, the children whose learning had the biggest drop and impact from previous school closure were the children in reception, years 1, 2 and 3 (our youngest children).  We are worried that the learning of the children in these year groups may drop even further behind.   For more-able pupils, please make sure they are challenged.  If they are finding the work easy on Teams, please let the class teacher know by Class Dojo, as they have the capacity to set work for individuals.


Times for the morning and afternoon meetings have been staggered to allow siblings to attend if you are using one device and to allow families with children in different year groups to attend their meetings.

Teams can be accessed on both an X box and a PlayStation.  YouTube have a series of clips to show you how to do this.  The Government have only issued school with 8 laptops via their Government scheme and most are now in use.


We expect all children to be present at the morning meeting where the register will be taken.  If children are not on teams, they are considered absent from school and you will get a phone call to find out why your child was not on their morning meeting, to see if they are unwell and to ensure they are safe.  If you know that your child will not be on their morning teams meeting for any reason - please notify the school in the same way you would if they were absent from school before 9.30, on the school’s attendance line - 01942 883118 and selection option 1.  Please do not send a message on teams.   Attendance at school is so important and we are urging all parents to support children to complete their home learning to the very best of their ability to prevent them from falling further behind.  We are aware of the current stress on parents who are trying to juggle home learning with home working, we ask you to please, just try to do your best.  We have recorded some lessons so that you can access them later in the day or at weekends and this has been improved since our previous remote learning offer.  The Teams meetings help keep the children connected with their class-mates and supports them to feel less isolated.

Home learning books and standards

Children should have 3 blank home learning books at home - this is so they can record their learning by hand in these books.  They should have an English, Maths and a Topic book.  From our previous lockdown, children fell significantly behind with writing.  Therefore, children should be writing and recording their learning every day in their books.  Parents can take photographs of the work to send to the teachers or the work can be discussed during the afternoon meeting.  Please ensure that children do record their work to a high standard - we will be sending our models home of what we would expect to see in their books.  We know that you will need further books over time, which can be collected from school whilst taking your daily exercise.

Safeguarding and Behaviour

We would ask parents to read the policy and parents’ guide carefully.  Pay special attention to aspects of safeguarding and conduct.  Please could you check your device settings straight away to ensure that you have added parental controls.  Check what your child is accessing regularly to ensure that they are safe online and make sure that your child is reminded of what to do if they experience anything upsetting.  We have a no tolerance policy of discrimination and bullying and this policy is still valid even when working remotely.  Please also be aware that children need to be dressed appropriately during the live meetings on Teams and adults in the family home must also be aware that if they pass behind the children whilst the camera is on, they will be on full display to the whole class and the teacher.

Whist working remotely, we expect high standards of behaviour, kindness, and respect; our school rules still apply.  We would remind children of this whilst working from home.  The rules are;

Following instructions with thought and care

Show good manners at times

Care for everyone and everything

Reading books

We wish to continue to supply reading books to the children at home - this is particularly important for the younger children, who need regular practice at using phonics.  Classes have a designated day that children can drop off their old books and get new ones.  Please note that the books will be put into storage and left for at least 72 hours.  Please drop them off in the box by the gate and buzz the office so we can bring out your child’s new book.   Please remember to socially distance at all times and wear a mask. 

Welfare phone calls

From time to time we may give you a quick call to make sure that you are ok.  This will be for parents or children who maybe struggling with remote learning.

Dropping things off and responding to requests

Staff are no longer in a position where they can drop off things to you, unlike the previous lockdown.  This is because all staff have specific roles and all teaching staff are now teaching in classrooms and online.   We currently have a large number of children attending school, spread across all year groups, these are a mixture of Key Worker and vulnerable children.

It may take us longer to reply to requests - this is because teachers are doing both face to face teaching and remote learning.  We will however try to get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

I know that this is a worrying time for all of us, but by working together and supporting each other, we can get it right for our wonderful children.  Life will return to its normal pattern in time, we will come through this.  Do not hesitate to call us if you are really struggling – we will help in any way we can.

Yours faithfully


Mrs F Quinlivan


Whole School Closure due to Government Lockdown

While the school is closed here is a list of websites that can help with your child's learning at home: 



(Timestable Rockstars)

Numberblocks series on BBC Iplayer



(Mr Wickins reads….. A teacher reads a variety of children’s books. He is reading Varjak Paw (Y5/6) live every night this week at 6:30pm)

(Audiobooks for children)

(Daily Writing sessions with Jane Considine- youtube channel The training space 9:45am)

(Spelling revision)

(Grammar Revision) Anchor creative videos on youtube

(Comprehension) – Oxford reading tree books
Username: march20
Password: home


Outdoor learning.


PE. - 9am every morning workout with Joe Wicks.





Wednesday 25th March Live History lesson

Virtual museums!! -




KS1 Singing

Body Beats Body Percussion



General resources

Twinkl is supporting parents by offering free resources. If you go to and type in the code UKTWINKLHELPS.