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Religious Education and Collective Worship

RE Curriculum Leader: Miss R Stretch

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school office directly and the office staff will pass your enquiry on to the relevant Curriculum Leader.


At St Michael’s, we have a Religious Education curriculum that intends to impact every part of school life. To have a rich and varied curriculum that gives children a firm grounding in the principles and practices of Christianity, especially as represented by the Church of England.

Help pupils understand and respect others, their religious beliefs and lifestyles. In recognition of the multicultural society in which we live, children in both key stages will be given the opportunity to explore other world faiths represented in Britain today, by learning about the festivals that they celebrate.

Give children an appreciation of the ‘awe and wonder’ that exists in the world and understand that this was created by God.




The school follows the Blackburn Diocese Syllabus called ‘Questful RE’. This scheme prescribes units that need to be covered and sets out expectations for the end of units. This syllabus is taught alongside ‘Understanding Christianity’ which provides a range of resources that can be used to deepen and enhance children’s learning in Religious Education. Teachers plan and deliver lessons that involve discussion and written tasks where children are able to express their views in a safe and respectful environment. A range of resources are used to stimulate children’s thoughts including texts, artwork and music. Children are encouraged to express their views and opinions during sessions and stories from the Bible are regularly discussed and celebrated. Some units of work link closely with other world faiths and these are celebrated and discussed frequently during RE lessons. Every year a multi-faith week is held where children from each year group learn about a different faith.  



Through effective teaching and learning, children at St Michael’s will be able to confidently discuss stories from the Bible and the teachings within them and use this to influence their own lives and behaviours. Children will be provided with a safe space to express their views, ask questions and make decisions about religion. Children, as a result of teaching in Religious Education, will show courageous advocacy and stand up for their own beliefs and any injustices they perceive in the world.

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