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Modern Foreign Languages

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school office directly and the office staff will pass your enquiry on to the relevant Curriculum Leader.


Modern Foreign Language Leader: Miss H Clugston



St Michael’s understands that learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for our pupils. It will also create potential opportunities in the future for studying and working abroad.

It is a requirement to teach KS2 pupils a language, however we believe that all of our children should have access to learning a language starting from Reception.  We believe that the earlier children are introduced to learning a language the faster that language is acquired. 

We fully believe in Languages for all – Languages for life (DFE)

“In the knowledge society of the 21st century, language competence and intercultural understanding are not optional extras, they are an essential part of being a citizen.  Language skills are also vital in improving understanding between people here and in the wider world, and in supporting global citizenship by breaking down barriers of ignorance and suspicion between nations.

Learning other languages gives us insight into the people, culture and traditions of other countries, and helps us to understand our own language and culture.”

The school is in a transitional stage, after delivering French for a number of years the school are moving to Spanish. Therefore, Reception - Y4 are learning Spanish, whilst Year 5 and Year 6 are continuing to learn French. Spanish will be gradually introduced over a number of years.





Early Years Foundation Stage

In EYFS, pupils learn basic vocabulary through listening and speaking by using the Language Angels scheme.   

Key Stage One

Children will follow the Language Angels scheme. They will listen to vocabulary, basic sentences and phrases and will then repeat them. All learning will be oral.

Key Stage Two

Children will follow the Language Angels scheme and are encouraged to use their language orally and in written form.

They develop their language through using all four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. This is done through the use of games, songs, stories, rhymes and paired work. To begin with, they learn phonetic patterns in their target language.

Children will record key vocabulary in sentences and phrases in their Modern Foreign Language books.

They learn about the culture of the language they are studying and compare to their own culture.

Throughout their learning, grammar is constantly recapped and reviewed and is further developed in every year group.



The children will acquire a range of vocabulary and knowledge of the French or Spanish culture. They will be able to manipulate basic sentences and use spoken French and Spanish with increasing accuracy. They will understand why learning a foreign language is essential in the modern society we live in.