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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 (23-24)

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We are Musicians!

Year 2 have been invaded! Something has come into our classroom and built a nest! We used our detective skills and our prior learning from Year 1 Science to try and work out what might have built the nest.

Sports Day Activities

As the RE video is not working properly, please research the story of the Ten Commandments. 


There is a helpful video here:

Harry wanted to join in with this week's art activity :)

School Report: children's page

Darcy's Book Review

VE Day - how to celebrate at home!

Phonics activities to try

Charlotte Recommends... Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball

Science help - Food Chains

Finlay's Book Recommendation

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Finlay has told us about a book he thinks you should read. If you've not read it before, why not give it a try?

2 digit addition Tutorial

Mr Eccles' character and setting - sorry I didn't upload yesterday!

Lucy's kind gesture for the elderly

Some good advice about Covid-19 from Darcy!

Music Home Learning

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Music Home Learning

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Charlotte would like to show off the instrument she created in her Music learning today. She even played us a tune! Well done Charlotte!

Music Home Learning

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Apostophes - contractions

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Science activity example - Penguin adaptations

Apostrophes for possession

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Fractions of Amounts - extra examples

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Fractions of Amounts - Tutorial

16th March - Maths Challenge

Daily Timetable - 16th March

Today, for Sport Relief, Year 2 have all made donation to Sport Relief to wear their sports gear. They have all also completed an indoor fitness circuit, and taken part in the relaunch of the Daily Mile as our new Daily Exercise, a circuit of exercises to help raise fitness levels in school.

Year 2 have been researching habitats and learning about adaptation today. They used iPads, library books and fact files to help them discover how plants and animals are adapted to live in their respective habitats. The groups then presented their findings to the rest of the class and were very informative!. Well done Year 2!

Year 2 had a fab time on World Book Day! They enjoyed a Book Day Brunch with parents, making their own bookmarks, a special story from Miss Clugston, and even a Book Day Quiz! Thank you to everyone who helped the children look amazing!

Year 2 have been doing lots of learning about Fractions recently. They have been using their understanding to find halves, quarters and thirds, and to prove that a half is equal to two quarters.

Year 2 visited Atherton Central Park to on a Habitat Hunt, using spotter sheets to investigate what plants and animals live in our local area at this time of year.

Year Two researched, designed and built some fantastic bridges in Design Technology, using saws and glue guns safely and effectively! They were very sturdy, too! Some held nearly 8 kg!

Year 2 have been designing and building bridges this week, using scissors, glue guns and even saws! We'll have pictures of the finished products soon!

This morning, Year 2 used various resources (such as coins, blocks, cones and number lines among others) and their multiplication skills to demonstrate a number of ways to model the multiplication of two numbers.

Year Two had a lovely time eating their Christmas Dinner and would like to thank all of our kitchen staff for such a wonderful meal!

Year 2 have been helping Mr Eccles! He needs a blind for his nursery and so the children investigated what material would be suitable for creating a blackout blind. The children did a fab job of keeping the test fair and Mr Eccles now gets to tell Mrs Eccles that we don't need to use tin foil for a blind after all!

Year 2 followed in the footsteps of Charles Macintosh, using different substances to try to create a waterproof material from two layers of non-waterproof fabric.

Year 2 have been studying the artists Andy Goldsworthy, who is famous for creating Art from natural materials and objects. We have created our own patterns using what we could find in the natural world.

Outdoor Maths - Year 2 worked brilliantly this morning solving calculation clues using their addition skills. Their teamwork and careful calculation skills were fantastic. Well done Year 2!

Year 2 have been outside for their Art lesson today! We are looking at using natural colours to create Art so we went to see what colours we could find in our environment.

Year 2 enjoyed learning all about the Sun, Earth and Moon for our performance with Altru Theatre Company

Gilmoss MRF - Year 2 had a fab time learning about recycling and what happens to all our used materials when we send it to be recycled. We also tried on some of the work clothes and had a photo with a recycled elephant!

Local History Walk - Year Two went for a walk around our local area this morning. We visited the Wicker Miner, St Michael's Church, Colliers Corner, The Fletcher Memorial Bench and the old Bathhouse. Mrs Ashton told us all about the mining history of the area and we also learnt about the Fletcher family, who are responsible for lots of the building in Atherton, including the church, and our school!

Local History Week! Year Two had great fun looking through the archives. They particularly enjoyed seeing Mrs Langford as a Year 2 child! We even found a parent... can you spot her?