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Year 2

Outdoor Maths - Year 2 worked brilliantly this morning solving calculation clues using their addition skills. Their teamwork and careful calculation skills were fantastic. Well done Year 2!

Year 2 have been outside for their Art lesson today! We are looking at using natural colours to create Art so we went to see what colours we could find in our environment.

Year 2 enjoyed learning all about the Sun, Earth and Moon for our performance with Altru Theatre Company

Gilmoss MRF - Year 2 had a fab time learning about recycling and what happens to all our used materials when we send it to be recycled. We also tried on some of the work clothes and had a photo with a recycled elephant!

Local History Walk - Year Two went for a walk around our local area this morning. We visited the Wicker Miner, St Michael's Church, Colliers Corner, The Fletcher Memorial Bench and the old Bathhouse. Mrs Ashton told us all about the mining history of the area and we also learnt about the Fletcher family, who are responsible for lots of the building in Atherton, including the church, and our school!

Local History Week! Year Two had great fun looking through the archives. They particularly enjoyed seeing Mrs Langford as a Year 2 child! We even found a parent... can you spot her?