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School Uniform

We encourage the children to wear the school’s uniform with pride and therefore we ask parents to support the Governing Body by making sure that their children are dressed in an appropriate manner for school.  Items can be purchased from the following suppliers: Tesco on-line, Rosenfields,  Wendy’s, Rainbow and Ikon online. Year 6 children wear a white shirt with a school tie, rather than the polo shirt.


We expect children to take pride in how they look and encourage them to tuck in their shirts.  We do not allow children to tie their jumpers / cardigans around their waste.


Girls School Tartan skirt or navy trousers, navy cardigan or jumper (with school logo), gold polo shirt. Yellow school summer dresses can be worn during the summer months.

Year 6 girls wear white shirt and tie and navy V-neck jumper.


Boys Grey trousers, navy jumper (with school logo), gold polo shirt.

Year 6 boys wear white shirt and tie and navy V-neck jumper. Boys can wear grey shorts during the summer months.


Gender Identity

At St Michael’s we do not discriminate regarding gender identity and respect the right for children to choose either boy or girl uniform.


Special Education needs

We work flexibly with parents to ensure that the uniform that SEND children wear is suitable for their individual needs - e.g. reducing sensory overload.  If an item is not suitable adjustments can be made easily.


All items of clothing must have the child’s name clearly marked in it.