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School Meals - Metrofresh

Our school meals are provided by Metrofresh, which is run by Wigan Local Authority.


School Meals are currently £2.30 a day and must be paid for in advance.


Children in reception, year 1 and year 2 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals.  This is different than Free School Meal entitlement and parents that think their child is eligible for Free School Meals, should register as children then also receive other benefits.


School meals are tracked and recorded on a system called School Grid.  This will allow parents to electronically order their lunch in advance or the children can order themselves in the classroom each morning.  A log in is needed to access School Grid and this can be received by requesting it from the school office and supplying, the parents name, the parents email and the children you wish this account to be linked to.


Parents can they pay for these meals online, either by direct debit or debit / credit card.


When you supply school with the details needed for a log in, parents will receive an email from School Grid which will have a link to their website. 



Menu for September 2019

Menu for September 2018