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Art and Design

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school office directly and the office staff will pass your enquiry on to the relevant Curriculum Leader.



At St. Michael’s, we aim to enable children to express their creativity and imagination through our Art and Design curriculum. Our intention is to teach children the skills required to create individual and unique pieces of Art that reflect their understanding of the world.




Early Years Foundation Stage

In EYFS, pupils are encouraged to share their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through Art, dance and music. They experiment with colour, design and texture by using a variety of tools and materials.


Key Stage One

Children will analyse the form, content and process that a variety of different artists use and link this to their own artwork.

They will develop their ideas and imagination through drawing, sculpting and painting using a variety of techniques involving colour, pattern, texture, line and shape.

Children will record their thoughts and ideas in sketchbooks.


Key Stage Two

Children are encouraged to develop their drawing, painting and sculpting techniques and creativity further through experimentation with a different range of materials (for example charcoal, clay, chalk)

Pupils take ownership of their sketchbooks and are encouraged to use them as a space to freely express, create, develop and learn.

We will continue to introduce influential Artists and Architects from history.

We strive to place an emphasis on individuality and children will be given the freedom to explore art using their imaginations.



St. Michael’s aims to establish creative learners, who understand the influential artists of the world. Children will have embedded the key art and design skills set out in the National Curriculum to allow them to produce unique pieces of Art. Creativity will be celebrated through Art Exhibitions and displays throughout the school. 

Art Teaching Sequence


Prior Learning

Using the flipchart for Art, recap the skills and artists that they have previously studied.


Children explore the artist’s work that is linked to their unit. They will discuss the content of the paintings (what they can see in them), the process (what paint has been used, if any particular technique has been used, for example, pointillism. Colours that have been used) and the form (what shapes/lines/markings/shading they can see) They will then discuss what they like and dislike about them.

Prior Learning

Discuss what prior learning will be needed for this piece of artwork. Are there any skills that can be used in this piece of work.

Practising Skills

Children will investigate any drawing techniques they will need to use. They will investigate making colours or styles of painting, mark making they might want to use in their final piece.


Children will sketch their ideas and create a plan for their final piece (which should include the points they have annotated in the research lesson) They need to be clear about materials, skills and colours that they will need to use in their final piece.


Children complete the final piece (may not be in sketch books – could be on cartridge paper for a display)


Children discuss what they have done for their final piece, what they have liked, what went well, what they would improve.